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Brush Your Shoulders Off!

This summer show some skin! The off shoulder craze is not slowing down! Whether it is a simple dress or a flirty little top, showing those shoulders makes your look a little more fun. Some girls may feel more comfortable covered up but step out of that comfort zone. Summer is the time to feel the sunshine and breeze on your shoulders. Once you take the plunge into this fashion statement you will think why in the world did I take so long to try this style! Age doesn’t matter when it comes to this look.  There are so many open shoulder options available there will be something that appeals to your style. The open shoulder style can come with thin straps or thicker straps. Many come with multiple straps and some with none at all. However you choose to show your sun kissed shoulders, you are sure to look incredible.


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Jeans Are Our Favorite Things!

If you have not tried our jeans before, you are missing out! They fit every body type and we carry them from size 0 all the way through 3XL. Our jeans have the perfect amount of stretch that allow for no saggy booty!!! Let’s be honest, most of us definitely wear our jeans multiple times before a wash. With these, you don’t have to worry about them stretching out in between washes! We love that! We carry multiple styles and colors. We have ripped knee, heavy distressed, faded, dark wash, skinny style, straight leg, flare bottom and color jeans too! Because our jeans are so popular with our in store customers we have decided to add them to our website collection as well. The jean sizes are listed with the waist size measurement in parenthesis for easy purchasing! Get ready to fall in love with your new favorite jeans!

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A Simple Statement

Betsy Pittard has been our staple design collection for the past 3 years. When we want to give a gift, this is our go to collection. When we want something classic or trend, this is our go to collection. Add these simple, yet chic hammered teardrops to your wardrobe for a timeless piece of trendy!

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We love our Betsy Pittard

Every woman that loves style knows that its not just about the apparel you wear that makes the outfit. It is so important to have the perfect accessories with everything your wearing to bring your look together. Here at Franklin and Rosemary we are loving our Betsy Pittard necklaces, they are a must have for any look your going for. The necklaces are the perfect pop of color to brighten up your outfit and your day. They are so stylish and unique that they can make your everyday attire look brand new! 12547164_1017389564974431_60401273_n

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The go to yoga pants

We all have that one piece of clothing in our closet that we could not live without. Ladies you all know what I am talking about, the comfy, cute yoga pants that changed your life. They are the perfect asset to your wardrobe. From running to the grocery store or going to a workout class these are the pants you will grab every time. If your lounging around the house put on a comfy shirt, or if you are meeting a friend for lunch throw on a tank and dress it up. We love how versatile they are for any outing. It is all about being comfy and cute at the same time. Sometimes this is a hard concept to accomplish. But with the perfect yoga pants it cant make getting ready for your day simple and easy. Ladies if you don’t already have a pair stop by and see us today to grab some.12547591_1539853899674658_1979408731_n.

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Transitioning your wardrobe

1170533_727889340681971_816528513_n(1)2016 is the year for change and transitioning!That is what Franklin and Rosemary is all about, we want you to be bold and make a statement. A woman’s style explains her personality and how she feels about herself. Just like the old saying goes “look good, feel good”. This is the time to love who you are and be proud of it. The Fashion rules are changing and so are you. Do you find yourself looking in the mirror thinking can I wear those white jeans in January? Or can I wear the black pants with the tan booties I have been dying to wear? Well the answer is yes, yes and yes. Franklin and Rosemary has everything you need to take your wardrobe from dull and normal to bright and beautiful. Start transitioning your wardrobe today and be that bright, bold beautiful woman that we know you are!

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I do not know about you, but I love to buy gifts for others. There is just something that I love about putting myself in someone else’s shoes and thinking to myself, “If I were them what would I want?” Or, I like to think about something I know the person would really love to have but would never buy for themselves. I think about the person who will be receiving the gift and what they truly enjoy. I think about their hobbies, their collections or their favorite things. I don’t like to give random gifts like candles and body lotion to everyone. I want the gifts that I give to be personal and to have thought and heart behind them. All of these thoughts get my brain going and my eyes open for the perfect gift.

I love to shop online, in fact it is one of my favorite hobbies ;)! I am able to search the world, literally, for the gift that I have envisioned online. Once I find that perfect gift…I am like a kid waiting for Santa! I track my shipments and I am about to bust with excitement opening the package once it arrives. The worst part is having to WAIT to give them the gift. I am the world’s worst when it comes to waiting. I hate the wait :).

I receive a gift every time I watch someone open a present from me. My heart and my face smile. It is the BEST feeling and gift to myself to give someone a gift. Honestly, I could care less if I even receive gifts. The joy I feel inside doing for someone else is absolutely gift enough. I can tell you on Christmas morning, I watch my family members…each and every one of them as they open their gifts. It is true…it is better to GIVE than to RECEIVE.

Gifts do not have to be anything expensive…gifts are all about thought. If the person you are buying a gift for collects PEZ dispenser’s and you find “the one” they have been looking for that makes their collection…that is all that matters! You took the time to truly know them and their desires and passion in life and you were able to make those that much more special. Believe me…you will feel like you won the lottery!

Happy Shopping with a Happy Heart :)!


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I have never really been a girl who just had to wear lipstick. Sure, I liked lipstick and occasionally I would wear a nude color with some shimmer but it was definitely not a part of my daily routine. Now, you would never, ever, ever  find me out in public without my mascara. My mascara and I are best friends! She makes me so happy and gives my eyes that beautiful pop that I love so much! Everyone always compliments me on my eyes and how long my eyelashes are…and well, I love it! It makes me feel good. Compliments make everyone feel good…period. 

Recently, I began wearing lipstick. Not just nude colors and shimmers but bright, bold, reds and pinks! To be honest, I felt ridiculous the very first time I put it on. I felt like I looked like a clown and everyone was staring at me. THEN…I began getting compliments. My peers and family members began telling me how much they loved the way I looked in lipstick.  I started feeling more confident in this new look!!! I began noticing the difference in my pictures from before when I didn’t wear lipstick to my pictures now with lipstick. In my pictures now, I look more awake and vibrant. The lipstick balanced out my bold dark eyelashes…it completed my look! Now…I can not go without my lipstick or my mascara! These two are my staples when it comes to my make up choices.

If you do not wear lipstick…I encourage you to try some on today!!! Give your face that extra bit of wow with a bright color. I promise…you will not regret it!


Natalie 🙂


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This time of year, I start to get excited about all the layering and chunky knits I get to pull out of the back of my closet, indulging in all things pumpkin, cooking crock pot meals on the weekend and watching movies from the comfort of my couch. When I do head out to enjoy the crisp fall air you can typically find me wrapped in a cozy sweater and flats or heels depending on where I am headed. The tassel fringe on this sweater is the perfect detail allowing it to be dressed up or down.

XOXO ,Lauren Rakestraw



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Better than who?

I have to remind myself of this everyday! In a world filled with comparison and competition it is a daily struggle to be better than…but better than who? Better Than someone else will always leave you feeling short of. It’s the better than who WE were yesterday that should be our goal. Today I choose to focus on being the best ME and using the gifts God gave me and admiring not envying the gifts be has given others. #betterthanme #letyourlightshine #liftothersup


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Planes, Trains, and Automobiles…what to wear on your ride!

Summertime has officially begun! Sunshine, pool days, and relaxation-you just can’t beat it. It’s also the time of year you’ve been dreaming about since freezing February…vacay time! Whether you’re driving, riding, or flying, we want you to find the perfect outfit to wear on the way to your destination.

Summer Chic

Despite what you’ve heard, comfy can be cute! Rompers are the perfect way to go for a long ride, and we’re loving this jersey knit one from F&R. It’s like your favorite sleep shirt made over-soft and stretchy but with a trendy twist.

We paired it with a fedora, sunglasses, and a neutral necklace to complete the look. If you’re riding on a plane, any color cardigan would work with this outfit if it gets chilly. This look is also perfect for our friends who like to dress it down a little-it’s super cute but not too over the top 🙂

 Be sure to grab this outfit in store and here on our website!


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Stay Positive

Life can’t always be cupcakes and cashmere girls and sometimes it’s just flat out hard! Sometimes you let yourself down and you feel like the world is watching and waiting to judge you. I am talking to myself today girls. But then I remember that the gloomy days make us appreciate the sunshine. The sad days make the happier ones so much sweeter. The pain of the climb, makes standing on the mountain top that much more beautiful. We are all created in the image of God and we are beautiful. Today is a gift full of buried treasures and hidden lessons. Stay positive and rejoice in your beauty. Positive Vibes

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Photo Shoot Fun

Yesterday we had a photo shoot with some of our favorite pieces from our spring arrivals! After some deliberation on the overall theme of the shoot, we decided to go with Franklin and Rosemary “In The Garden.” We thought it would be the best way to incorporate all of the best items, with a little room for variety. The looks vary from very ethereal and earthy to bohemian vintage.

We met early in the morning at Meadowlark Gardens here in Griffin with our photographer, Haley Dunn of One Love Photography. She did an incredible job and the weather and scenery were absolutely gorgeous! Our models went barefoot in fields and on dirt roads during the shoot. Of course we couldn’t do this incredible shoot without including Rosie (our fashion truck). After climbing in for a few fun photos, we ended the shoot with a little singalong 🙂

Despite a few bug bites, everyone survived and had so much fun!

We can’t wait for y’all to see our lookbook from this shoot! Keep checking Instagram for updates 🙂


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Bugs and Windshields


Happy Wednesday Girls. You’re either a bug or a windshield today and the good news is that there is always a positive.  It all starts with your perspective. If you’re a bug today, sometimes God puts windshields in our path to break us open and help us figure out what we are made of inside.  It is only in our weakness that our strength can be tested.   If you’re a windshield today, you’re probably feeling confident, you’ve got your wipers on ready to wipe out anything that comes at you! Just don’t forget that tomorrow you might be a bug, so stay humble. Either way there is always a lesson to be learned, if you look for it!



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